A person who threatens by talking a lot is usually harmless, like the dogs that bark. You can also use it to mean that a person who claims to do a lot usually does very little.

This means that character traces or personal skills must be learned from a very young age. This has something to do with the curvature in the cucumber, that is supposed to exist from the cucumbers early age. I think that Portuguese cucumbers are more curved that the American ones...

You say this of a color you cannot easily describe. Like, your eyes have the color of a donkey on the run. Try not to say this to your loved one...

The Moors were the Muslim people from North Africa who lived in the Iberia Peninsula, and they were the archenemies of the catholic Portuguese (and Spanish). They were "a threat" for a number of centuries. This expression, however, has nothing to do with war. On the contrary, it is related to love. You say this when theres a person threatening to invade someones heart.

This is way over my head or this is more than I can handle. I would say this, for example, of quantum mechanics.

Dont mix friendship with business. Portuguese have a funny habit of repeating words, in this case "friends, friends". If you know anyone whos Portuguese, Im sure youve caught him/her in a typical "yes yes" or "no no".

If you do something wrong youll pay for it in this lifetime and in the place where you did the wrong thing. The "they" refers to the "bad things".

The kind of friends you have tells a lot about the kind of person you are.

I dont give a damn. Actually, Id like to know where the hell this idiom came from... no clue!

If you dont behave, Ill slap you. "To eat" is literal of "comer", which in Portuguese means both "eat"-as-of-food and being the target of physical attack - "to eat a slap".

This is a warning in the form of an ironic negative. When someone is in trouble and does nothing to get out of trouble, he/she is trusting that the Virgin [Mary] will come up with a miracle. As opposed to be doing something to get out of trouble. So this warning means that you should do something instead of waiting for a miracle.

This is not a good day, but said in a weird way. As if there are "yes days" (good, positive days) and "no days" (bad, negative days).

You dont know what youre talking about or youre making a fool of yourself. This means that youre disgracing yourself, youre letting water in - like a boat thats about to sink.

You say this when youre intrigued or surprised with something. As if being bitten by a monkey would bring you back to reality.

This is mostly used when talking to children, when they do something theyre not supposed to do. The translation looses a lot of it, because it cant capture the masculine "bad". Yes, its supposed to be masculine "bad" followed by the female name "Maria", which, of course, is weird.

He doesnt say or do anything right. I have no clue of where "to give [] for the box" comes from.

"To sand" here means to do a slight harm. So you can also say "Go sand yourself!" ( buzz off! )

What a waste! You say this of a person who has a wonderful opportunity and doesnt know what to do with it.

A pearl of popular wit! You say this of a person who is allocating resources without making good use of them. A person who cant make decisions. I know a few like that...

This is not Portuguese at all, its Brazilian. But I love to say it, because Im a meat eater. It truly captures the spirit of red meat...

This means that when the essential goods are missing, people get upset, argue with each other for whatever reasons, and no one makes sense. The root of the problem is the lack of those essential goods.

At night, you cant distinguish objects and people too well. Its easy to make mistakes.

Theres no such thing as perfection. "if" (senão) is used here as a noun to express the strings attached to any good thing, the conditions without which such beauty cant exist.

Its ok to be afraid - were all afraid at some point, were all humans. The interesting thing is the association between having the asshole and being afraid. I guess this refers to the fear of being raped and sodomized.